Center of Hope

Soup Line
A hot evening meal is available 365 days a year to anyone in the community who needs dinner. Dinner is served at the Center of Hope (1384 Green St. Augusta, GA 30901) from 5:30pm to 5:50pm Monday - Sunday.

Our shelters offer spiritual and physical care, food, and shelter to people in need. They attend the total needs of the individual and are meant to be a safe resting place to help these individuals get back on their feet. Each individual wanting to stay at the Center of Hope must have a picture ID to be housed the first night. After the first night individuals, who want to stay additional nights, will need to get a shelter clearance from Richmond County Sheriff's office.  These can be obtained from 400 Walton Way. Although clients are allowed 8 free nights, case management is available for extended stays based on progress to stability.  The goal of this case management is to go from being homeless to being stably housed.  Please call  706.826.7933 for more information or to set up an appointment with a case worker to find out more about our 369 program.

Women and Children’s Emergency Shelter
Single women and mothers with children can receive temporary shelter, two healthy meals per day, tutoring, and individual case management.  Call the Homeless Social Services office at 706.826.7933 for availability and more information. Check-in begins at 4:45 pm.

Men’s Emergency Shelter
Homeless men receive a safe place to sleep, a shower, and breakfast each morning. Shelter check-in is from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. You must show identification and have shelter clearance from the sheriff's department. Individual case management and group classes are offered in order to help men move to permanent housing. Call the office at 706.826.7933 for more information.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
This free, 9-month, residential program is for adult males struggling with addiction. This program includes recovery classes, individualized support, work therapy, and spiritual guidance. Interested candidates must submit a pre-enrollment application to be considered for enrollment. The application can be faxed to 706.826.1801. For more information call CSRC Managers at 706.434.3191 or 706.434.3194. Click here to download the pre-enrollment application.


Anyone who is homeless may seek services from the Center of Hope. We are located at 1384 Greene Street, Augusta, GA 30901. We can be reached at 706.826.7933.